Sauna FacilityRelaxation

Escape the everyday, bring mind and body in harmony, or simply recharge your batteries after an active day: in our sauna facility, you can enjoy the simple pleasure of doing nothing! The wellness area offers our guests 3 different saunas and a comfortable relaxation room.

Towels are available for free in the sauna area, and you can rent bathrobes. Now, it's time to sweat! We hope you have pleasant moments filled with healthy sweating ;-)

Opening times

Our sauna facility is open daily for pure relaxation from 4:00 to 7:30 pm.

With bad weather, we can heat up the sauna earlier if needed. Please let us know at the reception desk.

Finnish sauna 90°

This is the traditional form of healthy sweating. In the Finnish sauna, temperatures range between 70° and 100°C with a very low humidity – thanks to this, heat is transferred especially well to the body. This sauna strengthens the cardiovascular system, detoxifies the body, cleanses the skin, and has a relaxing effect.

Infrared sauna 50°

Here, you can enjoy soothing warmth with a pleasant 30° to 60°C. The cabin works with deep infrared heat that penetrates the skin and promotes circulation, stimulates metabolism, and alleviates muscular pains. With its low temperature, we recommend our infrared sauna for children and older people.

Steam sauna 40°

Our steam sauna is like a short visit to the tropics. The temperature of around 50°C is comparatively low, but the humidity is 80 – 100%. Many guests find the steam sauna more pleasant than the dry heat of the Finnish sauna, but the healthy effects are similar: strengthening of the immune system, detoxification, stimulation of the circulation, and much more!