Winter funPure vacation enjoyment

When you think of the Zillertal, you think of skiing, but there is tons of fun to be had even away from the slopes. Look forward to magnificent winter landscapes, snow-covered forests, and movement in the great outdoors! Hotel Finkenbergerhof is one of the top destinations for a winter vacation in the Zillertal.

Skispizen Olperer © Archiv TVB Tux-Finkenberg / Johannes Sautner

Ski- & Gletscherwelt Zillertal 3000

The Zillertal 3000 ski area delights visitors with a total of 5 ski areas, 66 state-of-the-art lifts, and 202 km of slopes. As the only year-round ski area, it is located in the middle of the Hintertuxer glacier. Powder snow is guaranteed here from October to May. A special highlight is the "Gletscherrunde" (glacier tour) with 60 km of diverse ski runs and 15,000 vertical meters!

Snowboarding in the best parks!

The Betterpark in Hintertux is one of Austria's highest freestyle spots with an elevation of 3,200 m. This snow park is the first to open in autumn and has 5 lines and a 100 m superpipe for a kick of adrenaline. The Vans Penken Park in the Penken ski area is another high-quality option with 6 different areas for beginners and pros!

Ski tours in Finkenberg Tux

Ski tours promise experiences in deep snow-covered, pristine nature with wonderful ski runs. The tour to the Hoher Riffler at an elevation of 3,228 m ensures an unforgettable adventure in the deep snow. On the 6-hour ski tour, there are 600 vertical meters to conquer before you can enjoy the 1.7 km downhill run. The tours to the Tettensjoch and Grüblspitze are equally as fascinating.

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