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Responsible for the content

*** Hotel Finkenbergerhof e.U.
Thomas-Stefan Eberl
Dorf 113
A-6292 Finkenberg, Tyrol, Austria

Tel. +43 5285 63501
Fax +43 5285 64235

Information disclosure according to the E-Commerce Law

Name and type of company:
*** Hotel Finkenbergerhof
Company headquarters: Finkenberg
Professional group: hotel and accommodation services
Member of the Economic Chamber: Tyrol
Authority according to the E-Commerce Law: Schwaz district authority
Commercial register court: Innsbruck regional court
Occupational group: hotel industry
Commercial register no.: 326491i UID: ATU6293 9707

Technical implementation

netwerk - Internet advertising agency

netwerk Kreidl GmbH & Co KG
Dorfstraße 16
A-6275 Stumm im Zillertal


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